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The fibrous membrane enveloping bones, except at joints and the points of tendonous and ligamentous attachment.



connective tissue in vertebrate animals and man that invests bone (excluding the articular facets, linea aspera, and tuberosities); it joins the bone by means of bundles of collagen fibers and blood vessels.

Three layers are distinguished within the periosteum: the external layer (adventitia), which consists of fibrous connective tissue rich in blood vessels; the middle fibroelastic layer, which consists of collagen fibers; and the internal osteoblastic layer, which contains osteoblasts and is usually absent in adult organisms. The periosteum joins bone with surrounding tissues, assures growth of bone tissue (mainly in thickness), and in adult organisms assures regeneration of bone tissue.

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Pachydermoperiostosis (PDP) is a rare disorder characterized by skin thickening, digital clubbing, proliferation of periosteum with subperiosteal new bone formation, and an excess of affected males.
11) We have focused on this capability of the PCL and relied on the natural healing of the PCL following subperiosteal release from the femur.
This creates increased pressure which further occludes the vasculature, thereby increasing stasis and allowing for the development of subperiosteal abscess (2).
Four theories of pathogenesis have been suggested in the literature, 1) displacement of bony fragments into adjacent soft tissues and hematoma with subsequent proliferation, 2) detachment of periosteal fragments into surrounding tissues with proliferation of osteoblasts, 3) migration of subperiosteal osteoprogenitor cells into adjacent soft tissues through periosteal tears due to trauma, and 4) metaplasia of extraosseous cells exposed to growth factors derived from the breakdown of bone fragments displaced within soft tissue during trauma.
The periosteum was lifted from the rib with a subperiosteal dissection.
3) Subperiosteal new bone formation may be present and other clinical features like epilepsy may also provide a clue.
O tecido subcutaneo foi incisado, seguido do afastamento subperiosteal da musculatura paravertebral, com uso de lamina de bisturi no.
Serum IGF-1 determinesskeletal strength by regulating subperiosteal expansionand trait interactions.
7% cases showed subperiosteal abscess which were associated with erosion of the outer wall of mastoid cortex.
The poor manifestation of clinical signs is found in subperiosteal fractures and epiphysiolysis without displacement of bone fragments (Schwarz, Pienaar, Schwarz et al.
19) History revealed that the patient had suffered a mild head trauma several days previously, and there was a resultant haemorrhage into the subperiosteal region on the scalp.
2,3] Classically, OO presents as an intracortical lesion of the shaft occurring in the long bones; however, its location has also proven to be subperiosteal, endosteal and even medullary, albeit less common.