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The fibrous membrane enveloping bones, except at joints and the points of tendonous and ligamentous attachment.



connective tissue in vertebrate animals and man that invests bone (excluding the articular facets, linea aspera, and tuberosities); it joins the bone by means of bundles of collagen fibers and blood vessels.

Three layers are distinguished within the periosteum: the external layer (adventitia), which consists of fibrous connective tissue rich in blood vessels; the middle fibroelastic layer, which consists of collagen fibers; and the internal osteoblastic layer, which contains osteoblasts and is usually absent in adult organisms. The periosteum joins bone with surrounding tissues, assures growth of bone tissue (mainly in thickness), and in adult organisms assures regeneration of bone tissue.

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A total of 53 cases involving 51 patients met our selection criteria (2 patients had undergone a second surgery for the treatment of a recurrent subperiosteal abscess 8 and 10 months following the initial surgery).
Retrobulbar infection is most commonly confined to the extraconal space, with the subperiosteal space on the medial wall the most frequent location.
Mastoiditis and subperiosteal abscess formation were significantly more common in ears with cholesteatoma than those without (p < 0.
When the graphies of dominant hands were evaluated in our case group, osteopenia was found in 80%, subperiosteal resorption was found in 58%, radial artery calcification was found in 20% and interdigital artery calcification was found in 16% and endosteal resorption was found in 4% of the patients.
Sakurai, Maclura Pomifera Agglutinin-Binding Glyco-conjugates on Converted Apatite from Synthetic Octacalcium Phosphate Implanted into Subperiosteal Region of Mouse Calvaria, Bone Miner.
5) Less than 2% of all spinal lesions in tuberculosis show radiologically intact spaces--usually the anterior subperiosteal, appendiceal, and central lytic type of lesions.
These changes include subperiosteal resorption of bone, affecting the following structures: diaphyses of the phalanges, phalangeal tufts, lamina dura, clavicular tip, clavicular surface at the coroclavicular ligament attachment, symphysis pubis, and sacroililac joints.
Midshaft cross-sectional cortical area (CA) and total subperiosteal area (TA) were calculated from radiograph measurements of wildshot museum specimens collected from all over the world.
A subperiosteal plane is created along this bone to raise the paraspinal musculature and tendon attachments laterally.
The specimen exhibits excessive subperiosteal bone deposition along its margin of fusion with the ulna, as evidenced by the porous nature and marked expansion of the bone deposited on its cortical surface.
The subperiosteal framework supports a permanently mounted artificial tooth, which is much more functional and stable than removable artificial teeth.
root form implants, plate form implants, subperiosteal implants) and the most cutting edge techniques for placing dental implants (e.