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As in previous studies of mild GDM, about a third of the women had metabolic syndrome at follow-up, but the number of subsequent pregnancies didn't seem to make a difference.
Auditors may wish to question client personnel besides the controller or CFO, such as individuals in operations, as part of their normal subsequent events procedures.
All shares that were validly tendered, on the terms and subject to the conditions and restrictions of the offer, during the Subsequent Offering Period have been accepted for payment.
Second, a subsequent election provision helps address any participant concerns about the unsecured nature of such plans, thereby acting as a security device.
In light of the above problems and the Westpac decision (in which the transaction was not structured as a loan), one might wonder whether the IRS should move away from a standard based on whether an obligation is subject to a condition subsequent or precedent.
Figure 4 shows relationships between learning self-efficacy before the course, self-evaluation of learning activities, and learning self-efficacy for a subsequent course.
The taxpayer must establish these facts before being allowed to currently deduct employment taxes related to vacation/bonus pay accrued at year-end but not paid until the subsequent year:
Future studies are warranted to determine whether in utero exposure to dietary manipulations that modulate IGF-1 expression will influence subsequent breast cancer risk.
In a study of 44 women who recovered from the disorder, ventricular function declined during 60 subsequent pregnancies.
Beating the Preference Lawsuit: The Subsequent New Value Defense
This format is typical of instrument calibration where the reported estimated systematic error is later used to provide a correction value used in subsequent measurements.
By combining a tax-free spin-off distribution under section 355 with a subsequent acquisition of either the distributing or controlled corporation by way of one of the methods for taxfree reorganizations (e.