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a grant, aid, or subsidy, as from a government to an educational institution



(Russian, subsidiia), a benefit, primarily in monetary form, granted by the state out of the state budget to local bodies of power, natural and juridical persons, and other states.

Subventions may be direct or indirect. In precapitalist formations, a subvention was primarily a form of financial aid to military allies. In the early stages of capitalism, the bourgeois state made broad use of direct subventions for the encouragement of national industry and the financing of military expenditures. Under imperialism, especially during the period of the general crisis of capitalism, various forms of indirect subvention have been the rule. Indirect subventions include the sale of nationalized enterprises to monopolies at artificially low prices, the acquisition of the output of monopolized enterprises (chiefly those in the military-industrial complex) at inflated prices, government purchase of the shares and unsold goods of bankrupt companies, tax privileges for the monopolies, and state guarantees and insurance of deposits and export credits.

Since World War II, subventions—in the form of “aid” to foreign countries—have been made on a large scale, primarily in order to prop up puppet regimes. They are used to restore the solvency of particular companies or whole branches of the economy, to stimulate the growth of capital-intensive industries, and to encourage the monopolies to expand foreign trade. Indirect subventions are paid out primarily through the mechanism of credit privileges, tax privileges, and high or low monopolistically set prices. Subvention in the capitalist countries is dictated by considerations of class and is subject to the interests of monopoly capital. The subventions paid out of the state budget place an added burden on the bulk of the taxpayers—the working people.

The socialist countries make no use of subventions.


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Il suggere la mise en place d'une cellule de controle au niveau des communes chargees de recenser et d'identifier les personnes physiques necessiteuses et destinataires des subventions.
It would also be recalled that Governor Abiola Ajimobi at the inauguration of the governing councils of the tertiary institutions had said his government was desirous of increasing the subventions as soon as its renewed efforts to enhance its revenue base began to bear fruit.
The Centre also cleared the interest subvention scheme for farmers.
The benefit of interest subvention will be available to small and marginal farmers having Kisan Credit Card for a further period of up to six months posthar vest on the same rate as available to crop loan.
Apres l'etude de dossiers proposes par les comites locaux et les comites de suivi et approuves par l'Office national des ports, conformement a ce qui est stipule dans le programme "Ibhar", ces subventions ont ete distribuees a l'issue des travaux des journees d'application de ce programme dedie a la rehabilitation et la modernisation de la flotte de peche nationale, organisees durant trois jours par la Chambre des peches maritimes Atlantique Nord (CPMAN).
The entire cost of the interest subvention from the market rate to seven percent will be borne by the Union government.
Not restoring subvention funds in the 2010-11 budget signals a virtually permanent elimination of this aid to counties.
Mr Daly added: "The nursing home subvention scheme, introduced in 1993 and increased just once since then, provides a maximum subvention of pounds 190.
To assist the new facility it is vital that the city develops a subvention policy.
2 du traite, et des orientations communautaires sur les aides d'etat au transport maritime, elle reconnait que la subvention represente la contrepartie des obligations de services publics.
Hill believes that "a reverse property tax shift of $150 million would have the same state fiscal effect of a $150 million income tax subvention, but would provide local agencies with a more stable revenue source.