successful bidder

selected bidder

The bidder selected by the owner for discussions relative to the possible award of the construction contract.
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The successful bidder shall deposit 25 percent of the bid amount (including emd) immediately on the sale being knocked down in his or her favour and the balance within 15 days from the date of sale.
The successful bidder will have two options for payment i.
A STEP forward was taken, on Wednesday, in the long process of establishing a casino, when the commerce ministry announced the successful bidder.
In case a successful bidder relinquish his right to the number, or did not complete the purchase process within the designated time, his right to the number will be dropped and he would lose the security deposit, the daily added.
Muscat: The asssets of state-owned Dhofar Power Company (DPC) will be bifurcated in such a way to hand over power generation business to a successful bidder of the proposed second independent power project in Salalah.
International Resource News-July 5, 2011--MGM Energy Corp successful bidder for three land parcels in Central Mackenzie Valley(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
The successful bidder will ultimately own 49 per cent of a special purpose company, which will be formed to own the Hassyan I project," he said.
Puerto Rico-based FirstBank was named the successful bidder in the pending sale of V.
You have also stated that given the current zoning, the only likely successful bidder will be the NY Jets.
Analysts think a successful bidder would have to find between pounds 50 million and pounds 60 million.
The successful bidder will scoop the famous all-in-one latex vest, shorts, sunglasses, gloves, belt, backpack and twin Colt Delta Elite 10mm replica pistols.
Reuters appeared to be the successful bidder for FTE but backed out of the deal during the due diligence phase.
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