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1. a small spherical or ovoid mass of a medicinal substance, intended to be swallowed whole
2. the Informal an oral contraceptive



a solid medicinal dosage form for internal use. Pills are globules of a homogeneous plastic substance that contains the medicine; they range in weight from 0.1 to 0.5 g. Since tablets, lozenges, and capsules are more convenient forms of medication, pills are rarely used in modern practice.

What does it mean when you dream about a pill?

If the pill is a vitamin, then swallowing a pill in a dream might reflect a desire to take care of one’s health. Taking a pill can be a metaphor for accepting something unpleasant—”swallowing a bitter pill.” Pills could be a reference to “The Pill” used in birth control, and sometimes irritating people are referred to as “pills.”


A microwave stripline termination.
A small, solid dosage form of a globular, ovoid, or lenticular shape, containing one or more medicinal substances.
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Yet asked to explain why he had chosen to omit Beckham for the first time - the former Real Madrid man had played in all eight previous qualifiers under the Italian - Capello did not exactly sugar the pill.
So if he's going to make cuts, he must sugar the pill.
Lastly, allow her a quick and comfortable escape because this is going to be embarrassing, no matter how much you sugar the pill.
In order to sugar the pill for trainers having to think an extra day in advance, they were given the choice of opting out in an instance of unsuitable ground.
The loss of his regular soapbox will be a devastating blow for Bates' ego and even the pounds 17million he made after selling out to Roman Abramovich last summer will only sugar the pill.