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A sulfuric acid derivative or a sulfonic acid ester containing a ‒SO3‒ group.
(organic chemistry)
Any of a group of petroleum hydrocarbons derived from sulfuric-acid treatment of oils, used as synthetic detergents, emulsifying and wetting agents, and chemical intermediates.



any of several salts of sulfonic acids. The sulfonates of alkali metals, mainly sodium alkylsulfonates, are widely used as surfactants in the production of detergents.

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43) also sulfonated a t-butyl-styrene-isoprene copolymer.
Large-scale preparative titrations were performed in essentially the same manner as described above with the following exceptions: 1) the concentration of sulfonated PS-PIB-PS was approximately 0.
For the sulfonated ionomer, the functionalization of PS with between 5 and 10 mol% sulfonate groups increases the melt viscosity of the PS by about three orders of magnitude, as has been observed before (39).
It can be expected that this sulfonated carbon material may able to catalyze the selective hydrolysis of the other di-O-isopropylidene sugars.
In FTIR spectrum of sulfonated poly(arylene ether benzimidazole) copolymer shown in Figure 5, peaks at 3000-3500 [cm.
Various salts are prepared from sulfonated product carefully at a temperature between 0-10[degrees]C by using appropriate basic solutions as shown in the table.
On the demand side, exporters and strategic planners focusing on acetals, hemiacetals, and their halogenated, sulfonated, nitrated, or nitrosated derivatives in the United States face a number of questions.
Similarly we have also reported the adsorption studies of Cr3+ with different copolymers of sulfonated poly(styrene) [7].
26 mmol/g exhibited comparable proton conductivity to that of the perfluorinated ionomer membrane (Nafion[R] 117) under a wide range of conditions (80-120[degrees]C and 20-93% relative humidity) [13], The poly(ether sulfone)s containing sulfonated binaphthyl units also had low water uptake, swelling ratio, and water insolubility even with high IEC value compared to a typical sulfonated polyfether ether sulfone) [14], Owing to the high IEC value 3.
Colonial Chemical's sulfonated surfactant, Suga Nate 100, has received the U.