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A sulfuric acid derivative or a sulfonic acid ester containing a ‒SO3‒ group.
(organic chemistry)
Any of a group of petroleum hydrocarbons derived from sulfuric-acid treatment of oils, used as synthetic detergents, emulsifying and wetting agents, and chemical intermediates.



any of several salts of sulfonic acids. The sulfonates of alkali metals, mainly sodium alkylsulfonates, are widely used as surfactants in the production of detergents.

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The chemicals used for the sulfonation and preparation of the sulfonated sPS (SsPS) membranes are (a) chlorosulphonic acid ([CISO.
Meanwhile, sulfonated polyaniline presented one redox pair and polyaniline doped with TSA displayed a double redox couple.
For the sulfonation of PEEK with a large excess of concentrated sulfuric acid, Shibuya and Porter [32, 33] reported that the kinetics of the reaction is first order in the concentration of the PEEK chain repeat unit and inversely proportional to the concentration of the sulfonated PEEK units.
This phenomenon is similar to results observed by Beck Tan and co-workers with sulfonated polystyrene/poly(2-vinylpyridine) blends (38) and is currently under further investigation.
m,co] of 147[degrees]C was found, indicating that the equilibrium melting temperature regularly decreases with increasing sulfonated unit content ([T.
Time-resolved light scattering and wide angle X-ray diffraction studies were performed in this study to investigate how the sulfonated EPDM ionomer affects the 0crystallization behavior of PP-g-MAH.
m]'s for the sulfonated polyester/N66 blends significantly decreased with increasing ionomer content.
3]H groups, a following crosslinking reaction between the molecules of the sulfonated product can occur, adding more complexity to the assumed reaction scheme (Scheme 5).
The concentration of sulfonic acid groups in sulfonated PS-PIB-PS was determined as follows: To a tared 250 ml Erlenmeyer flask equipped with a magnetic stir-bar were charged 2 g of sulfonated block copolymer in 100 ml THF and a few drops of phloxine B solution in ethanol.
Melts of many ionomer blends are subject to specific interactions; for example, sulfonated polystyrene/ethyl acrylate-4-vinyl pyridine copolymers were investigated by Bazuin and Eisenberg (15).