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A sulfuric acid derivative or a sulfonic acid ester containing a ‒SO3‒ group.
(organic chemistry)
Any of a group of petroleum hydrocarbons derived from sulfuric-acid treatment of oils, used as synthetic detergents, emulsifying and wetting agents, and chemical intermediates.



any of several salts of sulfonic acids. The sulfonates of alkali metals, mainly sodium alkylsulfonates, are widely used as surfactants in the production of detergents.

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2]O system, is a sulfonating agent employed most frequently.
3] as the sulfonating agent and fatty acid as the substrate.
Identical sulfonating agents and similar reaction conditions can also be used.
Acetyl sulfate as the sulfonating agent was prepared by mixing concentrated sulfuric acid and acetic anhydride in a solution of dichloroethane at temperatures lower than 10 [degrees] C.