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(organic chemistry)
R2SO2(or RSOOR) A compound formed by the oxidation of sulfides, for example, ethyl sulfone, C4H10SO2, from ethyl sulfide, C4H10S; the use of sulfones, particularly 4,4′-sulfonyldianiline (dapsone) in the treatment of leprosy leads to apparent improvement; relapses associated with sulfone-resistant strains have been encountered.



any of several organosulfur compounds containing the

group bonded to two organic radicals. Sulfones are colorless and very stable crystalline substances; for example, diphenylsulfone, (C6H5)2SO2, melts at 128°C and boils at 379°C. Both aliphatic and aromatic sulfones are obtained by oxidation of organic sulfides; aromatic sulfones are also obtained by means of the Friedel-Crafts reaction.

Some substituted sulfones are used in medicine—for example, diaphenylsulfone (4,4’-diaminodiphenylsulfone) is used in the treatment of leprosy. Polyarylenesulfones are used for the production of packages for foodstuffs and electrotechnical parts.

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Polyphenylene sulfide and sulfone polymers are also projected to achieve above average gains, propelled by rising motor vehicle output levels and efforts to produce more fuel efficient vehicles.
The researchers used a cheap, industrial solvent called divinyl sulfone that can be bought by the gallon and has been used for decades as an adhesive.
Although the advent of sulfone drugs helped treat Hansen's disease in the 1940s, segregation laws isolating the sick weren't lifted until 1969.
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A sulfone drug, Aczone 5% gel has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.
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Vertellus will market pyridine and picolines, specialty pyridine derivatives, castor oil derivatives, polymer additives and systems, DEET, citrate polymer additives and systems and sulfone monomers and is also a global producer of Vitamin B-3.
In the early days of sulfone therapy, for example, Betty Martin would write "Only in American could a hospital like this be found, where we sick are treated by our government, not as the least among men, but as the best.