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a. the result of the addition of numbers, quantities, objects, etc.
b. the cardinality of the union of disjoint sets whose cardinalities are the given numbers
2. one or more columns or rows of numbers to be added, subtracted, multiplied, or divided
3. Maths the limit of a series of sums of the first n terms of a converging infinite series as n tends to infinity
4. another name for number work


the standard monetary unit of Uzbekistan, divided into 100 tiyin



the name used in Russian chronicles to refer to the Balto-Finnish Suomi tribe, which settled on the southwest coast of Finland early in the first millennium A.D. After subjugating the Sum’ in the mid-12th century, the Swedish feudal lords began the conquest of Finland. Subsequently, the Sum’, Häme, and western Karelian tribes combined to form the Finnish nationality.



the result of the addition of such quantities as numbers, functions, vectors, or matrices. In all cases the commutative and associative laws hold; moreover, if multiplication is defined for the quantities in question, then it is distributive over addition. Thus, the following relations are satisfied:

a + b = b + a

a + (b + c) = (a + b) + c

(a + b)c = ac + bc

c(a + b) = ca + cb

In set theory, the sum, or union, of sets is the set whose elements belong to at least one of the given sets.


The addition of numbers or mathematical objects in context.
The sum of an infinite series is the limit of the sequence consisting of all partial sums of the series.
The sum A + B of two matrices A and B, with the same number of rows and columns, is the matrix whose element cij in row i and column j is the sum of corresponding elements aij in A and bij in B.


In domain theory, the sum A + B of two domains contains all elements of both domains, modified to indicate which part of the union they come from, plus a new bottom element. There are two constructor functions associated with the sum:

inA : A -> A+B inB : B -> A+B inA(a) = (0,a) inB(b) = (1,b)

and a disassembly operation:

case d of isA

This can be generalised to arbitrary numbers of domains.

See also smash sum, disjoint union.


A Unix utility to calculate a 16-bit checksum of the data in a file. It also displays the size of the file, either in kilobytes or in 512-byte blocks. The checksum may differ on machines with 16-bit and 32-bit ints.

Unix manual page: sum(1).
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Because even if you've got the sum total of human endeavour in your pocket, you'll still want to go shopping and meeting people.
One criterion we can use to assess large books like this is whether the chapters stand alone as independent units or function as integral parts of the whole, and often enough we are glad if we find that they stand alone, so that we can select the ones we want to read, even though their sum total is an aimless or shapeless book.
Our products represent the sum total of our customers needs and requirements and the design is ultimately driven by the customer," Yamada said.
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The second is the conundrum of what to do if the budget surpluses continue, shrinking the sum total of the national debt.
Today, apart from Iran, the sum total of successful fundamentalist Islamic revolutions consists of Sudan and Afghanistan, hardly an advertisement for the model.
It is maddening that the sum total of biographical raw material that we can retrieve on Walker is roughly the same as that we can retrieve on Minkins.
I hope you will find that the sum total of these contributions addresses some of the fine objectives set forth in the Journal's forward-looking initiatives.
The sum total of his legislative record is two laws he wrote: San Francisco's gay rights ordinance and its pooper-scooper law.
And success or failure of businesses, large and small, act in sum total to create the state of a nation's economy.
It is the sum total of how everything looks and how everyone acts.
1) In White's hands, the Christian Gentleman too often seems to stand alone as the sum total of Victorian attitudes and even behavior.