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sun god:

see sun worshipsun worship.
Deification and adoration of the sun occurred primarily in agrarian societies. When man became a farmer, and thus dependent upon daily and seasonal changes of weather, he often turned to worship the great force that regulated these changes—the light and heat
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From an aging ram-headed god bent over and leaning on a staff in the second and third caverns, the sun god is then shown as a child within an oval--possibly meant to represent him gestating inside an egg (S.
Thai Pongal is marked by the Hindus of Sri Lanka with the coming together of families in a spirit of renewed affection and understanding, with offers of thanksgiving to the Sun God for continued blessings in the future.
Is it also the Phoenix that lived in Phoenicia (Lebanon) next to a well where, at dawn, it bathed in the water of the well and the Greek sun god Helios stopped his chariot in order to listen to its song?
The poem tells of Syphilus, a shepherd who insulted the sun god of Haiti.
India asks sun god to smile on new solar park A million solar panels worth half-a-billion dollars now line the Pakistan-India border in the Indian state of Gujarat.
The second of the two temples at Abu Simbel is dedicated to Hathor, the goddess of love and beauty, and wife of the sun god.
It is felt that the Mahagayatri temple, stylistically dated to the 11th or 12th century, may have been the original Sun temple and that when the great temple was constructed, the Gayatri temple was given over to the three shaktis of the Sun God - Mahagayatri, Savitri, and Sarasvati, symbolizing the three junctures or sandhyas of a day - early morning, noon, and twilight.
The stylistic variations really run the gamut," says Bousel, whose own play about Helios, the pre-Apollonian sun god, is called Hyperion to a Satyr.
Nefertiti, renowned as one of history's great beauties, was the wife of Pharaoh Akhenaton, remembered for having converted his kingdom to monotheism with the worship of one sun god, Aton.
Chhath is the biggest festival of Bihar with lakhs of people from all strata of society worshipping the Sun God.
He preferred the sun God Aten over other Gods and built a new city dedicated to him.