sun screen

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shade screen, sun screen

A louvered awning used over windows; the metal blades are angled to permit good vision downward and horizontally while preventing the sun, at higher elevations, from striking the window.
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However, with sun screen being increasingly expensive, it is not surprising to see the more affordable No-Ad Suncare brand taking second place in the rankings.
Experts believe the bees were attracted by pollen and natural plant extracts used in the sun screen cream issued to the students at Hankou College in Wuhan, central China.
UV rays are known to badly damage the skin and sun screen reflects back or absorbs the sun's rays, whereas the antioxidant pill would protect against sunburn as the antioxidants would enable the body to repair damaged cells and help protect against skin cancer and wrinkles.
The products -- Sun Screen Gel SPF 15, Sun Block Cream SPF 25, Surya Sandal Lotion SPF 30, Hydrophobic Sun Block SPF 40 and Lip Shield SPF 10 -- offer varying Sun Protection Factors, features which help determine how long one can stay before getting sunburn.
Wales tends to be a pale nation, but it is also an outdoors nation and we probably do not slap on as much sun screen as we should, or cover up as much as we should.
An appropriately sized roof overhang or sun screen will provide full shading in summer for a south-facing window while allowing much of the lower angled winter sun to come streaming in.
There is an odd correlation hidden in the standard admonishment to use sun screen that might surprise you.
And they have been ordered to bring their "essentials": a water bottle; isotonic drink powder; and sun screen of factor 15 or above.
Sturdy boots, an extra pair of socks, long sleeved shirt or jacket, hat, canteen, extra food (you burn more calories on the trail and get hungry more often), sunglasses, sun screen, insect repellent, flashlight with good batteries, map, compass, rain gear, and a plastic bag to carry out garbage.
Make sure your off spring wears a sun screen when playing or swimming outdoors.
If a child has a tendency to burn, protect him with plenty of sun screen and protective clothing.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Octyl Methoxycinnamate Plus Parsol Plus Oxybenzone Sun Screen Lotion