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a machine for finishing paper—that is, increasing its surface smoothness, giving it luster and stiffness, and embossing it.

A supercalender consists of six to 12 metal and paper rolls, between which the paper web is threaded. The metal rolls are made of polished cast iron. The paper rolls are made by compressing paper disks stacked onto a steel core at pressures up to 45 meganewtons per sq m, or 450 kilograms-force per sq cm, after which the rolls are finished by turning and polishing. The Shore hardness of paper rolls used to calender printing papers is 36–40; the linear pressures produced in the finishing process are 100–350 kilograms-force per sq cm. The paper web travels through a supercalender at speeds of up to 900 m/min. Idler rolls, which reduce the tension on the paper in the calendering section, are used to prevent the paper from tearing in the machine.

Supercalenders are used primarily to finish printing and writing papers.


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Department of Commerce (DOC) today issued its preliminary decision to impose countervailing duties on Canadian imports of supercalendered paper.
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Jac's KV 75 siliconized supercalendered glassine backing completes the laminate but the fullest details about the new material can be obtained by contacting Jac (UK) Ltd of 8182 Buckingham Avenue, Slough, Berkshire, tel:0175 357 0631.
ABY and BOW have overlapping footprints in newsprint and supercalendered papers and lumber.
The company's portfolio of paper products includes coated, supercalendered and specialty papers.
18 million) at its supercalendered release liner company in Turin and make a similar investment in France.
The predominant coated paper produced in the United States is lightweight-coated, usually produced in acid systems and usually supercalendered (1,3).
Bowater's major business interests are newsprint (the second largest producer in North America with 20% of capacity), lightweight coated and specialty papers (14% of North American capacity), supercalendered and uncoated mechanical grades (13% of North American capacity), market pulp (the third largest producer in North America with an 8% share) and lumber.