supplemental conditions

contract documents

contract documents
Those documents that comprise a contract, e.g., in a construction contract, the owner-contractor agreement, conditions of the contract (general, supplementary, and other conditions), plans and/or drawings, specifications, all addenda, modifications, and changes thereto, together with any other items stipulated as being specifically included.
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The Mississippi State Port Authority At Gulfport Has Authorized The Advertisement To Request Qualifications On The Following: "Architectural Consulting Services, Procurement 15-001" The Work Consists Of, But Is Not Limited To: Furnish All Materials, Equipment, Labor, And Supervision And Perform All Services Necessary For The Completion Of Mississippi State Port Authority ("Port Authority", "Authority", Or "Owner") "Architectural Consulting Services, Procurement 15-001" At Gulfport, Mississippi ("Project") As Described In The Request For Qualifications And General And Supplemental Conditions ("Contract Documents").
Contractors should carefully study both express terms and implied terms in the draft contract, and especially look out for flow-down clauses, which are nothing but 'killer' clauses that transfer both responsibilities and liabilities that are normally thought of as belonging to other parties: for instance, unforeseeable site ground conditions, design responsibility, decennial liability, constructability, performance, warranty, consequential damages, exculpatory clauses, and incorporation of reference clauses forcing contractors to agree to supplemental conditions, drawings, specs, schedules, and other information that may not be provided as part of the bid package.
Supplemental conditions, as an attachment to the LOA, briefly explain the services which would be provided by each TCG.
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