supplemental type certificate

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supplemental type certificate (STC)

A certificate authorizing an alteration to an airframe, engine, or any other component that has been granted an approval type certificate. The U.S. system for the posttype certification approval of aircraft modifications, such as re-engining, STOL (short takeoff and landing) kits, etc., where the full certification process is not deemed necessary. Also used by manufacturers to certify (often greatly changed) new models of old types under so-called grandfather rights.
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In the last year, StandardAero also developed new supplemental type certificates (STCs) for several other business aircraft models.
The company has acquired a Supplemental Type Certificate for installation of its STAR-ISMS system on the Boeing 737-800 aircraft.
Gogo Inc (Nasdaq:GOGO), a global aero communications service provider, announced on Wednesday the receipt of the first of two Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) from the FAA that will be required for Gogo's 2Ku next generation satellite connectivity service.
V:AMA) (AMA), a provider of proprietary technical products and services to the airline industry under the brand name FLYHT, on Monday announced it has been awarded a provisions only Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from Transport Canada for AFIRS 228 on the Boeing 777 series of aircraft.
The company, a division of mobile connectivity firm EMS Technologies Inc, has been awarded a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
At the Cargo Facts conference in Seattle in mid-September, Bedek officials had said the prototype aircraft, owned by Portuguese wet-lease carrier Euro Atlantic, would complete first flight by the end of September and receive its supplemental type certificate (STC) by the end of November.
ABX holds a supplemental type certificate for the work, which is scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2007.
Validation of Supplemental Type Certificate (VSTC) for Cobham AVIATOR 300D on Airbus A320 series is the first time a SwiftBroadband ACARS-capable modem has received CAAC certification
Butler National Corporation (OTCQB:BUKS), a manufacturer of support systems for commercial and military aircraft, on Thursday announced it has obtained a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the FAA.
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