supply opening

air outlet

In an air-conditioning system, a device at the end of a duct through which air is exhausted.
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Secondly, the impact of supply diffuser opening percentage is studied by analyzing three scenarios; 50% supply opening, 75% supply opening and 100% (full) supply opening, keeping the same supply air.
It is observed that the supply opening has impact on the velocity distribution in the vicinity of the diffuser.
The effect of supply diffuser opening is seen to be significant in the lower one-third of the room where temperature is lower for 100% supply opening by 3[degrees]F.
Deposits and Guarantees required: An applicant shall submit technical and financial bid procurement subject to in paragraph 1, submit credit expromissory bid security guarantee or insurance policy for each offer options 4 500 EUR (four thousand five hundred euro and zero cents) per valid for at least three months of supply opening day.
Pent-up demand for housing following the recession has now receded, though there is also little evidence of supply opening up, Donnell said.
When there is only one supply opening and only one exhaust opening in a room, the air at any point is the air coming from that supply opening and the air going out through that exhaust opening--no differences between supply and exhaust airstreams exist.
The Age of Air theory, as applied to turbulent recirculation flows in the room, shows the mean age of air, the mean residual lifetime of air, and the relative and averaged position in the stream from the supply openings to the exhaust openings.
We survived the Home Depot opening up, the Orchard Supply opening up, and the Do It Center has been there a while,'' he said, listing his competitors.
Fixed air supply openings must be installed to provide makeup air for air exhausted through the exhaust system.