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1. a band or entertainer not topping the bill
2. an actor or group of actors playing subordinate roles
3. the solid material on which a painting is executed, such as canvas



a device for mounting a motion-picture camera during filming or a still camera during shooting or for mounting a geodetic, astronomical, or other instrument during work with such an instrument.

The most widely used type of support is the collapsible tripod, which may be made of metal or wood. A camera or instrument is attached to a tripod by means of a projecting stud, which is screwed into a threaded socket in the base of the camera or instrument. As a rule, tripods are equipped with movable heads, which make it possible to mount a camera in various positions with respect to the vertical axis. In professional motion-picture filming, panoramic heads are also used.

Portable devices are also used as camera supports (seeTRAVELING SHOTS, EOUIPMENT FOR). During filming with a handheld motion-picture camera, a gunpod, which fits into the cameraman’s shoulder, is often used.

In a number of cases, a clamp may be used as a support for a still camera. A clamp is employed to attach a camera to the back of a chair, to the edge of a table, or to some other firmly standing object.

The use of camera supports permits exposures longer than 1/30 sec.



The support of a real-valued function ƒ on a topological space is the closure of the set of points where ƒ is not zero.


After-sale handholding; something many software vendors promise but few deliver. To hackers, most support people are useless - because by the time a hacker calls support he or she will usually know the software and the relevant manuals better than the support people (sadly, this is *not* a joke or exaggeration). A hacker's idea of "support" is a t?te-?-t?te or exchange of electronic mail with the software's designer.


(1) See tech support.

(2) A widely used term in the industry to mean "to provide the capabilities for" or "to interface to" or "to include some function."

Hardware Supports...
The phrase "device X supports Y" means that X contains built-in circuitry to perform Y or it can interface to a module that does. For example, "the CPU supports multiprocessing" means it has multiprocessing capabilities built in. "The computer supports Ethernet" means the computer includes Ethernet capability and can plug into an Ethernet network.

Software Supports...
The phrase "program X supports Y" means that X includes routines to perform the Y operation or to interface to another program that does. For example, if a development system "supports Windows," the system is used to create Windows applications. "Application X supports database Y" means that X can connect to Y and has built-in routines to interact with it.
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Oracle Golden Gate, together with licensed per processor and 12 months supportable - 1 pc .
determining the object and the size or scope of the contract: This contract is the delivery system to control access to Web pages, and network traffic with a warranty and supportable for a period of 12 months (but not earlier than 21 May 2016).
With releases scheduled every 12 to 18 months, Advanced Server provides a stable, supportable platform for running enterprise solutions.
We are eager to continue under contract to further develop, integrate, and test the VCOP system to ensure that the resulting commercial design is producible and supportable.
For purposes of the 2000 annual statement, preparers should ensure that estimated liabilities associated with prior years are appropriate and supportable.
We intend to and expect to do a very good job and bring to you an unambiguous recommendation that will be supportable and on deadline,'' said Reiner, the chief counsel and executive director of the Belmont Commission.
Less serious, but something I feel must be mentioned, is Strohm's tendency to blur factually supportable argument with speculation - without any cautionary signs to the reader.
Is the current level of occupancy supportable on an ongoing basis?
Such statements use words and phrases not directly supportable as statements of present fact.
SSH's IPSec toolkits enable faster time-to-market for vendors of network products and operating systems to add scalable, easily supportable, strong security across the Internet and other IP networks, without limiting their flexibility to enable new types of business opportunities, such as secure local and global communications for e-commerce and e-banking.

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