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Their topics include improving the mechanical properties of metallic rolls by laser surface alloying, developing new metallic materials by laser additive manufacturing, the spatiotemporal manipulation of ultra-short pulses for three-dimensional laser processing in glass materials, laser surface treatment to improve the surface corrosion properties of nickel-aluminum bronze, and the laser-assisted fabrication of tissue engineering scaffolds from titanium alloys.
Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) is one of the most common methods of surface alloying and surface modification.
Surface Alloying During Lasermelting, Laser Materials Processing II, SPIE vol.
Ion implantation is a versatile surface alloying techniques which produce novel meta-stable solid solution surface alloys without any compositional limitations normally imposed by equilibrium phase diagrams (Thamaraiselvi & Rajeswari, 2004).
Their product is a metal surface alloying reaction by plasma transferred arc (PTA) processing that produces highly desirable surface enhanced properties for hardness, tribology, and corrosion resistance.
The company expects to see product integration in soldering, welding, hardening, remelting, surface alloying, cleaning, and plastics welding systems in the near future.
Laser surface alloying is related to laser cladding, but somewhat newer, and there is a major difference," says the report.
Laser surface alloying (LSA) of copper for electrical erosion and corrosion resistance
As a result, it was concluded that changes in shielding gas composition in surface alloying process significantly affect specimens' microstructure and mechanical properties.
Figure 4 and Table 4 show the microhardness changes of the surface alloying layer and the substrate after molten salt treatment.
Double-glow plasma (DGP), an evolution of both plasma nitriding and sputtering techniques, could apply almost all solid metallic elements to realize surface alloying of substrates.