surface mount

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surface mount

A circuit board packaging technique in which the leads (pins) on the chips and components are soldered on top of the board. Boards can be made faster because surface mount technology (SMT) eliminates drilling holes for thru-hole devices, in which the pins go through the board and are soldered underneath.

Surface mount also allows the real estate under the device to be used for other layers by the board designer. In addition, the boards can be smaller because the chips are smaller; for example, SMT packages such as BGA have no leads extending out from the sides (see BGA). Contrast with socket mount and thru-hole.

Surface Mount Vs. Thru-Hole
Most chips are surface mounted to the circuit board, but some are thru-hole, in which the pins go through the board and are soldered underneath. With surface mounted chips and no holes drilled through the board, the real estate under the device can be used by the circuit board designer for other board layers.

Gull-Wing Surface Mounts
These are examples of the common gull-wing style of leads on surface mount chips. The leads extend slightly out from the package, then down and out again.

Discrete and Surface Mounted
Although most discrete resistors are thru-hole devices, these resistors are surface mounted to save space as well as time making the board.

Surface mount

General term for a fixture directly mounted on a ceiling. Many hold up to four bulbs and are used in hallways and bathrooms. Used primarily in rooms with low ceilings.
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One of the advantages of these surface mount packages over their feed-through PIN counterparts is a less complicated assembly methods.
An internal cavity machined into the integral circuit board is sized to accommodate the surface mount package.
While the surface mount version of the product is being launched as a RoHS compliant(1) offering, 3M continues to offer the 3M low-profile header solder tail 2500 series products with tin lead plating for its customers with legislative exemptions.
However, with their unique designs, ADC's CopperTen 6-port surface mount box and 4-port staggered single gang faceplate counters the negative effects of excessive insertion loss and alien crosstalk that are critical for ensuring 10-gigabit Ethernet performance.
Veritek Manufacturing Services, LLC is a contract manufacturer of customer designed electronic products, including the assembly of surface mount interconnect printed circuit boards, and the production and sale of completely assembled and tested electronic products.
SMT manufacturers that are inactive with their strategies for lead-free implementation will lose market share," says Keith Robinson, Industry Manager for Frost & Sullivan's Surface Mount Technology group.
Among the over 14 full series of devices listed are non-isolated surface mount and vertical mount boost converters, overmolded surface mount modules, and compact surface mount parts.
DCI) today announced a new surface mount BGA test socket for use with high speed SERDES applications beyond 10Gb/s and another test socket for CSP and QFN devices.

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