survey station

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1. A definite point on the earth whose location has been determined by surveying methods.
2. A point on a survey traverse over which an instrument is placed.
3. On a survey traverse, a length of 100 ft measured on a given line—broken, straight, or curved.
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The work was done from one camp only, using motor toboggans to reach all of his survey stations, and the diet had changed from meat bars to steak and eggs.
Other remote party equipment included a mounting tripod, a petrol generator for battery charging, a spare 12 volt battery, a high frequency radio transceiver, clinometer, prismatic compass, plumb-bobs, box measuring-tape, field books, survey station summaries, measuring scheme diagram, protractor, and ruler, as well as a mechanism barometer and a psychrometer.
Survey stations Station Height Area/Town Scenarios Survey Station Mezzoldo (BG) 1682 m Bergamo High Altitude--North Edolo (BS) 720 m Brescia Middle Altitude--North Lambrate (MI) 120 m Milano Lower Altitude--North Pizzotrevescovi (MC) 1670 m Macerata High Altitude--Centre Camerino (MC) 780 m Macerata Middle Altitude--Centre Cerbara (PG) 288 m Perugia Lower Altitude--Centre Montescuro (CS) 1671 m Cosenza High Altitude--South Acri (CS) 750m 750 m Cosenza Middle Altitude--South Martirano (CZ) 281 m Catanzaro Lower Altitude--South
The test field was surveyed in a local coordinate system using the 3D forward intersection method from a survey station.
To estimate aspect per survey station we created an aspect layer using the Aspect tool, partitioned aspect into three categories; (1) flat, (2) 0-90 [degrees] (NE) + 315-360 [degrees] (NNW), and (3) 90-315 [degrees] (S), and then calculated aspect as the proportion of cells (n [approximately equal to] 338) within the radius of each survey station classified as category 2 (i.
are captured in bottom trawl hauls and the shrimp abundance (kg/ha) for each bottom trawl haul was used as an index of the amount of prey available at the trawl survey station for the shrimp-consuming species.
2006) throughout each 1000 ft fish survey station to characterize stream physical characteristics.
Arup engineer Catriona Gillies spoke to the youngsters about her experience on secondment in Antarctica where she worked for 30 months on Halley V - the British Antarctic Survey station.
Skip Stewart-Abernathy of the Arkansas Archeological Survey Station based at the "Archeology Barn" of the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute, Petit Jean Mountain (Arkansas).
Among the first to congratulate the 56-year-old circumnavigator was Russian Vice Premier Sergey Ivanov, currently on a visit to the Russian Novolazarevskaya Antarctic Survey station to watch tests of the new GLONASS satellite position system (a Russian version of GPS).
You get the angles you need on the display of the tool directly after recovery from survey station.
Weather conditions were noted on each survey occasion for each survey station.