swallow tail

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dovetail, 2
dovetail, 1
1. A splayed tenon, shaped like a dove’s tail, broader at its end than at its base.
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Look out for Doris Longwing, Red Spotted Swallow Tail, Tiger Leaf Wing and Tropical Blue Wave.
Nimbus (left), ridden by Charlie Elliott, gets up on The line to win the first Derby decided by the photo-finish camera, bearing French runner Amour Drake and Lord Derby's Swallow Tail.
He's also mated two other bitches, Tuttles Rascal and Swallow Tail, and is really enjoying his new career.
Alan Harvey shows Amy Hoult, 13, from Old Hill a swallow tail arrow.
The entrance is on Swallow Tail Drive, Festival Park estate, off Lobley Hill Road.