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(operating system)
To move a program from fast-access memory to a slow-access memory ("swap out"), or vice versa ("swap in"). The term often refers specifically to the use of a hard disk (or a swap file) as virtual memory or "swap space".

When a program is to be executed, possibly as determined by a scheduler, it is swapped into core for processing; when it can no longer continue executing for some reason, or the scheduler decides its time slice has expired, it is swapped out again.

This contrasts with "paging" systems in which only parts of a program's memory is transfered.

SWAP (severe weather avoidance plan)

An approved plan to minimize the effect of severe adverse weather to traffic flows in affected terminal and/or ARTCC (air traffic control center) areas. This plan is put into operation when flight through an airspace is either not possible or is difficult. Such a plan should cause minimum disruption.
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