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theta], [psi], [alpha]--Euler coordinates that determine the piston shoe or valve plate position in regard to meeting mounting surfaces of swash plate and cylinder block correspondingly,
In the process of addressing that problem, marines also discovered a cuff seal that does not work properly on the swash plate actuator.
The swash plate itself has a distinctive design resembling a "J" with one long side and one side considerably shorter rising at either end of the flat base.
The SRAM is an emerging core technology for an entirely new generation of engine-driven pumps, compressors, generators, and any other device for which current power systems deploy multiple components - as in a crankshaft engine and a swash plate hydraulic pump - to transfer power.
The project aims to implement the master-batches, the master-pellets and the nanostructured powders in three innovative PILOTS, developed and installed at three existing production plants that will effectively manufacture real components (B-pillar, Swash plate and Valve plate) integrating safe-by-design approaches into the developments stages.
MH-60S: Aircraft swash plate damaged after hitting the forward bridge during a flight-control-system troubleshooting procedure.
The seal is removed every 100 hours in order to inspect the swash plate bearings.
The slippers themselves are kept in reasonable contact with the swash plate support by the retaining rings.
Delphi's CVC compressors are based on a swash plate simple harmonic motion mechanism and come in a wide range of displacement offerings.
The pump is a compact, high-power density unit using the parallel axial piston/slipper concept with a rotatable swash plate.
SED's SRAM technology can successfully replace the crankshaft or swash plate in engines, pumps, motors, and compressors with a mechanism that converts linear to rotary, rotary to linear or linear to linear (replacing a combination of a crankshaft engine and swash plate pump)," explains Frost & Sullivan Energy & Power Principal Consultant Sara Bradford.