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see wavewave,
in oceanography, an oscillating movement up and down, of a body of water caused by the frictional drag of the wind, or on a larger scale, by submarine earthquakes, volcanoes, and landslides.
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, in oceanography.



independent fluctuations of the surface of the ocean or sea during a complete calm, consisting of long and sloping waves up to 10–15 m high and 300–400 m long and with phases of up to 17–20 sec. They result from the conversion of wind waves during their departure from an area of wind activity or after the dying down of winds. Waves of a swell are nearly indistinguishable in terms of size and shape. Particles of water in such waves move in regular circular orbits.


The volumetric increase of soils on being removed from their compacted beds due to an increase in void ratio.
A local enlargement or thickening in a vein or ore deposit.
A low dome or quaquaversal anticline of considerable areal extent; long and generally symmetrical waves contribute to the mixing processes in the surface layer and thus to its sound transmission properties.
Gently rising ground, or a rounded hill above the surrounding ground or ocean floor.
(mining engineering)
Ocean waves which have traveled away from their generating area; these waves are of relatively long length and period, and regular in character.


a. the undulating movement of the surface of the open sea
b. a succession of waves or a single large wave
2. a gentle hill
3. Music a crescendo followed by an immediate diminuendo
4. Music
a. a set of pipes on an organ housed in a box (swell box) fitted with a shutter operated by a pedal, which can be opened or closed to control the volume
b. the manual on an organ controlling this
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The sides of the neck/throat area is perhaps most commonly where people notice their glands swelling, but it's also common to spot swollen lymph glands in the armpits and groin.
lymphatic obstruction caused by the swollen parotid or submandibular glands).
A Swollen glands are enlarged lymph nodes and area common symptom of many conditions.
The brain is very friable and it obviously has to be handled with a lot of care, particularly when it's swollen - it can actually sustain further damage during the operation itself.
There are instances where a swollen lymph node manifests as a skin infection or redness and a swollen node can be felt on the chest area," said Dr Shahjahan.
where [phi] = volume fraction of the polymer in the swollen system, so the volume swelling ratio, S = 1/[phi]; v = crosslink density (mole/volume); V = molar volume of the solvent, and [chi] = Flory--Huggins parameter representing the solvent--polymer interaction energy.
Because the swollen rubber needs to retain as much strength as possible, fillers were included in all of the NBR compounds in all of the following tests.
However, if the leg is swollen up the shin, something else may be happening, and it needs to be checked out by your doctor.
Cats should also be monitored for plague symptoms, including fever, swollen lymph nodes or respiratory problems such as sneezing or coughing.
By day's end, though, they are swollen, and you cannot wait to get your shoes off.