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We observe that the enmity of Aristophanes to Socrates does not prevent Plato from introducing them together in the Symposium engaged in friendly intercourse.
has attended SDDC symposiums since the early 1980s.
The yearly symposiums consist of technical conferences, educational programs, and exhibitions.
Some of my proudest moments in MTMC have occurred at our training symposiums.
Nebraska DMV District II Supervisor Matt Coatney will speak to Notaries attending each of the six free symposiums scheduled in three cities in the state in mid-July.
There is more to life than work; MTMC Symposiums are also fun
As a significant link and resource to this dynamic industry, ESCA plays a key role in facilitating information exchange and collaboration efforts within the electronics supply chain through its many educational forums, symposiums, benchmarking, progressive research, industry news, and market intelligence.
Facing future challenges in the Department of Defense transportation arena will be the focus of the -Military Traffic Management Command's annual training symposium.
The Electronics Supply Chain Association (ESCA) will host its Sixth Annual Winter Symposium focusing on "Real-Time Inventory Management.

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