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(LINGUISTICS) any combination of words in a ‘chain of speech’. see SYNTAGMATIC AND PARADIGMATIC.



in a broad sense, any sequence of linguistic elements linked by the relationship of dependent member to governing member. This is F. de Saussure’s concept of syntagm.

A syntagm may be a sequence of words (external syntagm) or a sequence of morphemes (internal syntagm). For example, dom-ik forms an internal syntagm in which the element dom- (“house”) is the dependent member and ik (diminutive suffix) the governing member. This syntagm corresponds to the external syntagm malen’kii dom, in which dom is dependent and malen’kii (“small”) is governing.

In a narrower sense, a syntagm is a phrase within a sentence; it may be predicative, attributive, or objective. In this same sense, the sentence is a chain of consecutive syntagms. L. V. Shcherba defined a syntagm as an articulated phonetic unit organized by intonation, expressing a single meaningful whole, and consisting of one or several rhythmic groups. A sentence may be divided into syntagms in various ways, depending on shades of meaning, logical emphasis, or syntactic homonymy. An example is vchera/bylo zharko as contrasted to vchera bylo/zharko (“yesterday/it was hot”—”yesterday it was/hot”).


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1) In terms of materiality/spatiality, narrative fiction is a linguistic artifact that exists as untensed; each point on the narrative syntagm possesses the same ontological status as every other point.
The syntagm Smart Sustainable Development is addressing to the holistic development through the concepts linked with the eco-bio-economy, innovation and quality.
41) While such historians as Timothy Garton Ash and Gyorgy Schopflin describe East Central Europe as the Sleeping Beauty, coming to life after decades of silence, (42) based on the preceding analyses I believe that more often Eastern and Central non-Germanic Europe is viewed as an empty syntagm waiting to be filled with content provided by Western Europeans.
There is even the allusion to Lawrence's first novel in the syntagm "a vain white peacock.
Step 4, for archaeologists, could be phrased as constructing an explanation for the syntagm (3) of observed data.
The former occur between words appearing simultaneously in the same syntagm.
Knox actually begins with the word "God" and continues on in timeless, lush, accurately gorgeous English--as if God's word were one amazingly poetic syntagm.
In the book "Translation and Costs" elaborated by The European Commission, the authors consider it is appropriate to explain the syntagm quality in translation.
The book's three central chapters relate under-noticed turn-of-the-century serial texts to the syntagm of dirty versus pure and its eugenic partners, degeneration and racial purity.
In terms of terminology, it should be noted that in the Civil Code from 1864, the syntagm "opening the succession" was used (Chapter I, "About the Inheritance Opening" in Title I, "About inheritances" of Book III, "Different ways to acquire property"); this expression is also used in the older doctrine.
Possessing a professional and scientific experience accumulated by associating the management of teaching-learning process specialised in physical education on intermediate level, with the design, organisation and completion of a thematic scientific research, I have performed an experimental research having as objective, target and work hypothesis the objectivation and assessment of the effects of using the plyometric exercises included in the syntagm known as "plyometric training", in the structure of the physical education classes of the didactic activity of two 6th form classes at school no.
Taught by the unending military conflicts, tragedies and crises, the representatives of the most developed countries in the world (1), had long launched the syntagm of creating a "new world order," with the aim of aligning processes on a wider, global scale and avoiding wars.