systems programmer

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systems programmer

(sysprog) A generic job title that covers a variety of specialist roles such as writing low-level code that talks to directly to the operating system on a server.

Typical skills required are experience of specific operating systems, networking (TCP/IP, ATM, Ethernet, DNS), electronic mail (POP, IMAP, SMTP), web servers, RDBMS, operating system and network security, and hardware (SCSI, hard disks, and backup devices).

Contrast: system administration.

systems programmer

(1) In the IT department of a large organization, a technical expert on some or all of the computer's system software (operating systems, networks, DBMSs, etc.). They are responsible for the efficient performance of the computer systems.

In a user organization, systems programmers typically do not write programs, but perform many technical tasks that integrate vendors' software. They also act as technical advisors to systems analysts, application programmers and operations personnel. For example, they would know whether additional tasks could be added to the computer and would recommend conversion to a new operating or database system in order to optimize performance.

In mainframe environments, there is one systems programmer for about 10 or more application programmers, and systems programmers generally have considerably higher salaries than application programmers. In smaller environments, users rely on vendors or consultants for systems programming assistance. In fact, end users are actually performing systems programmer functions when they install new software or hardware on their own computers. See system administrator, job descriptions and salary survey.

(2) In a computer hardware or software organization, a person who designs and writes system software. In this case, a systems programmer is a programmer in the traditional sense and is often called a "software engineer." See job descriptions and salary survey.
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Many sites modify the root search path so that it will be convenient for systems programmers to use interactively as the superuser, forgetting that the same search path will be used by system maintenance scripts run automatically during the night.
Building on the emerging technology of separation logic, we will formalise such software engineering concepts used by systems programmers to reason about their software informally, and will use the results to drive the design of verification techniques.
The book is written for anyone who will be writing applications for Windows CE, especially embedded systems programmers using Windows CE for a specific application, Windows programmers interested in writing or porting an existing Windows application, and developers of managed code.

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