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You are simply good for nothing just now with your head stuffed full of dialogues and groans and tableaus.
I carefully and deliberately made these observations before allowing myself to take one glance at the benches before me; having handled the crayon, looked back at the tableau, fingered the sponge in order to ascertain that it was in a right state of moisture, I found myself cool enough to admit of looking calmly up and gazing deliberately round me.
The only thing that was pleasant to him in that odious tableau -- such is the instability of the human mind -- was the sullen face of Grimaud, for whom he had at first conceived such a hatred and who now was all his hope.
The slight noise had awakened Jane Porter at the same time, and as she saw the hideous tableau she gave a shrill cry of alarm, and at the same instant the sailor lurched forward and fell upon Clayton.
Un tableau peut prendre une semaine tout comme ca peu prendre un mois ou meme des annees.
Les services de renseignements de tourisme et d'antiquites ont reussi a recuperer un rare tableau qui fut vole de l'hotel Minahouse a Guiza.
LAHORE:If you are from West Bengal and were waiting eagerly for your state's tableau in the Republic Day parade at New Delhi this year, you would have been sorely disappointed.
GE Aviations Digital Solutions (NYSE:GE) and Tableau Software (NYSE: DATA) today announced an agreement to empower commercial and military airline customers across the aviation industry with agile visual analytics that can help improve fuel efficiencies, aircraft safety and consumers overall flying experience.
Kinetica has debuted a new solution combining the immense power of NVIDIA DGX Station, the world's first deskside supercomputer, and Kinetica's GPU-accelerated database to speed up Tableau queries, providing users the ability to make faster data-driven decisions.
The latest exhibition at the Jean-Paul Najar Foundation, Pierre Dunoyer: Vers le tableau, presents major works, by French artist Pierre Dunoyer, that explore the artist's deep-rooted interest in abstraction, based on the concept of the tableau.
Amazon, Cisco, Dell, Google, HP, IBM, Microsoft, NVIDIA and Tableau are part of the Kinetica ecosystem of cloud, hardware, server and software partners.
provider of scalable analytics solutions, today announced, it will sponsor the Tableau Customer Conference 2016, being held from Nov 7 - 11 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, TX.