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The monster crew tucked into a tableful of goodies, ate birthday cake and had fun with a karaoke session.
Here the English theme continued as we sat next to a tableful of Mancunian dinner ladies on a hen weekend.
At Poulos's home in Point Richmond, California, the celebration is only complete with a tableful of simple Greek foods, surrounded by family.
There were three vegetable dishes among the tableful of main courses - one, a mussulum curry, was particularly good, all very creamy and nutty but not too sweet.
There, I was faced with a tableful of different wines from the region - along with their makers, who in turn described each wine, before pouring, tilting, holding up to the light, sniffing, swirling and finally tasting.
After the committee meeting, officials provided a couple of examples of events that might no longer qualify for sponsorships, including buying tickets to seat a tableful of DWP representatives at events held by legal or medical groups.