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Defense Systems Department, General Electric Company [12] tabulated, to 8D, f(x), F(x), and [bar.
An exit interview may reveal a developing pattern of departures before the statistics are tabulated.
When the cards for one group are tabulated, the machine records the totals before proceeding to tabulate the next group.
Following the transaction, GMAC Real Estate agents ask their customers to honestly rate their performance through a survey conducted and tabulated by an independent, third party.
Presumably, the final voting results of the parliamentary elections will be tabulated on October 18-19, Central Election Commission member Mikhail Korsunskiy told AKIpress.
Investigators have not determined a cause and have not tabulated a damage amount.
For the 15th year, Ernst & Young's Technology, Communications & Entertainment team has tabulated and secured the Emmy Award votes.
Data for about 3300 spectral lines of 24 ions are tabulated.
Optional PC software features data collection, analysis and storage, the ability to adjust instrument parameters, data tabulated or graphed by reaction force, stress relaxation or force retention, statistical analysis and storage of jig data, including operator identification.
The GSR is tabulated by the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics )WSTS) organization, which represent some 70 companies.
Leptomixid-caused encephalitis appears untreatable, says Visvesvara, who suspects the amoeba has led to more deaths than the 16 now tabulated worldwide.
the independent inspector of elections, who tabulated and certified the results, 11,272,46 shares were voted against the Mihaylo Resolution, representing slightly over 50% of the 22,524,535 shares of the Company's common stock that were represented in person or by proxy.