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These three species are the tachinid fly Trigonospila brevifacies (Hardy), which attacks late larval stages, and the pupal ichneumonid parasitoids Xanthopimpla rhopaloceros Krieger and Glabridorsum stokesii (Cameron).
For example, the European parasitic tachinid fly, Compsilura concinnata, was liberated in the United States from 1906 through 1927 in an attempt to control the gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar (Reardon 1981).
Confounding factors include fluctuations in naturally occurring pest and parasitoid populations, difficulties employing exclusion cages to isolate infested plants for a 12-14 mo crop cycle, and gaps in our understanding of tachinid fly ecology, i.
Parasitic flies include more than 1,300 species of tachinid fly (Diptera), which look like hairy houseflies.
texanus larvae are known to be parasitized only by pteromalid wasps (Tindall, unpublished data) and a tachinid fly, Zelia tricolor (Coquillett) (Tindall & Fothergill 2010).