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Parveen Shakir was born in 1952 and started writing at very early age with her tag name Beena.
The automaker will be marketing this Micra under the tag name of 'Runs on Fashion'.
If an object match with existing tagged object give same tag name to the object else based on the object images are organized.
The genre of the 9-day celebration will be under the tag name "Forever I Love Atlanta" (F.
He was given the tag name KFC until identified from stills taken during the operation.
His coffin was spraypainted with his graffiti tag name "Tame", as well as Sam.
His myth looms large: Barry McGee, tag name "Twist," San Francisco--based art-school graduate, graffiti artist, and vital player in the emergence of the Mission School aesthetic.
But he will keep his tag name of Ricky Martin, after the Latino pop star, and not revert to his real name of Richard.
Meeting 49 CFR 195 requirements would be most effective, however, if all applications shared the same database and used the same tag name definitions as the base SCADA system.
The search can be done by entering the entire tag name or its abbreviation in the search field (the tool offers a list with all abbreviations under "browse by tag").
Some literal shoppers are puzzled by Tyson's" ANYTIZERS," a tag name that might imply appetizers or small places and includes such items as "Honey BBQ" seasoned wings.
EXHIBIT 2 Input Data Excel XBRL Tag Name Value in Input Cell Thousands B3 ns3:CashAndCashEquivalentsAtCarryingValue 1,134,263 B9 ns3:ShortTermInvestments 866,641 B13 ns3:AccountsReceivableNetCurrent 327,970 B17 ns3:AssetsCurrent 2,517,120 B21 ns3:LiabilitiesCurrent 661,663 E3 ns3:Revenues 887,257 E9 ns3:GrossProfit 776,406 E15 ns3:NetIncomeLoss 191,608