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, Fr. taille, a type of feudal tax. In its origins tallage is not clearly distinguishable from aids (a type of feudal due), and in Germany it never developed beyond an occasional "voluntary" gift from vassal to lord.
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a direct tax levied in France from the 15th century to the end of the 18th century. Introduced as a temporary tax during the reign of Louis IX (1226–70), the taille became permanent in 1439, when a standing army was established by ordonnance.

The taille consisted of two kinds of taxes: a personal tax (taille personnelle), imposed in northern France on the members of the Third Estate; and a real, or property, tax (taille réelle), levied in southern France on all nonprivileged land (terre roturière), without regard for the landowner’s estate, so that even a member of the nobility would pay the taille if he owned land that had previously belonged to a member of the Third Estate. In the 17th and 18th centuries, however, it was primarily the peasants who paid the taille—which, because of its heavy burden and arbitrary assessment, became one of the country’s most hated taxes. The taille was abolished during the French Revolution.

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Egalement, les variables explicatives (sources alternatives, la taille de menage, l'appreciation de la qualite de l'eau de robinet, et le revenu) se montrent pertinentes du moment qu'elles expliquent la demande a raison de 52,3% sont des variables qui ont un effet important sur le comportement des consommateurs en faveur de leurs usages de l'eau potable.
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