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Large herbivores are represented by elephants, wild boar, forest musk deer, Indian Muntjack, hog deer, Sambar, Gaur, Common Goral, mainland serow, Takin, and Bharal.
Simultaneous cloning and expression of two cellulase genes from Bacillus subtilis newly isolated from Golden Takin (Budorcas taxicolor Bedfordi).
The takin (Budorcas taxicolor) is a ruminant belonging to the family Bovidae, subfamily Caprinae, genus Budorcas (Figure).
Analyst Manouchehr Takin of the Centre for Global Energy Studies (CGES) research group said the absence of Iranian oil exports would hurt Europe more than it would Tehran.
Need a bone graft so they're takin a centimeter of bone off my hip, shape it and screwing it into my wrist.
Takin advice from a Leo can solve financial worries.
If refiners want Iranian oil, they will get it through a trader," said Manouchehr Takin, a senior petroleum analyst at the Centre for Global Energy Studies in London.
Takin, I understand that your brokerage firm has maintained a website for the past few years.
For Iraq, "the potential is there, but converting it to actual production is complicated," observed Manuchehr Takin, senior analyst at the Center for Global Energy Studies in London.
They treat us like rats without cages, Don't need no traps, I'm a poet, but I wish I could rap, Cause I'd probably save more people, If I could, I'd holla', Make em' open wide and swalla' Make them pop their collas' and dance, But this is how I do it, I'm takin this chance.
Manouchehr Takin, a petroleum analyst with the Centre for Global Energy Studies in London agrees with Bain.