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To Nava, whose previous movies include ``El Norte'' and ``My Family: Mi Familia,'' there is an especially mythic quality to the story of a singer who rose from humble beginnings through hard work and talent, overcoming barriers of language and culture, only to die violently at the age of 23, just as her career was taking wing.
Often, what follows is an intimation of the marvelous: a ribbon spiraling into space has the effect of a thought taking wing for the stars.
David Edwards' dream of joining the Air Force at 35 is taking wing thanks to the same bureaucracy that grounded his plans last month.
Through Mike's leadership, he developed partnerships (cost-share programs) with The National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Quail Unlimited, Taking Wings, Whitetails-Unlimited and Boy Scouts of America.
His maiden book, Taking Wings and Winning, is an informative and interesting read on how he transformed a new entity - from being "an overhead" to one that clocked its "first one hundred million dollars in revenues".