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History any of various ancient units of weight and money



the largest unit of weight and money in ancient Greece, as well as Asia Minor, Babylonia, and Persia. In Greece the talent was divided into 60 minas (one mina = 100 drachmas). During the reforms of Solon (594 B.C), a minor Attic talent was introduced, containing 26.2 kg of silver (reduced later, in the time of Alexander the Great, to 25.9 kg), that became the most widely used monetary unit. The Aeginetan talent contained 37 kg. In the Assyrian-Babylonian system of measures, the talent was equal to 30.3 kg.

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These were not the 'prima donna' soccer players or a talentless pop group, nor a line up of over-inflated politicians.
However, it could be argued that ultimately it is the general public who contribute to making talentless individuals famous.
The "celebs" this year are even less intelligent than last year's group of talentless idiots.
ITV should have pulled the plug on these talentless attention- seekers and their dreadful puns years ago.
This is the actress who once said that if she was as fat as Marilyn Monroe she would kill herself, prompting another actress to retort, "If we were all as talentless as Liz Hurley, we'd kill ourselves.
After all, what has Louis ever done for music except give us talentless boy bands?
It's supposed to be a programme to discover raw talent, not to get talentless wannabes and coach them.
AT LONG last, after dozens of run-ins with the law, talentless Pete Doherty has been jailed.
Just what has he done except make a No 1 record with an awful song and, more than 30 years later, take part, along with other talentless nobodies, in the drivel that is I'm a Celebrity?
However, Mission Prep (9-1) won't be a talentless opponent like Upland Christian (5-5), which suited just 16 players, including nine freshmen and sophomores.
The multi-million pound picture, aptly named Thunderpants, tells the tale of Patrick Smash, a talentless young boy who uses his unusual power to become an astronaut.
That's almost as humiliating as being told you're talentless by Amanda Holden.