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SAY CHEESE Lesley Barker's Emperor Tamarin was highly commended in the best picture taken by a zoo visitor category
TWO cotton-top tamarins - one of the world's most endangered species of monkey - have arrived at Chester Zoo.
A low suitability also reinforces the hypothesis that the new records may indeed represent the southern limit of the distribution of the western black tamarin.
Police had been called to a house in Brookfoot Lane, where they found four tamarin monkeys, but Mamma's baby was not found.
The first example was observed in a group of tamarin monkeys in captivity in New York City's Central Park Zoo.
The white-footed tamarin, Saguinus leucopus (Gunther 1877), is an endemic primate of Colombia with populations distributed in forests from zero to 1 600 m above sea level in the Magdalena River Basin in Antioquia, Caldas and Tolima departments (Alberico et al.
Examples include Mont Choisy beach, Pereybere cove, Blue Bay, Gris Gris, the beach stretching from Belle Mare to Trou d'Eau Douce, Flic en Flac, Tamarin and Le Morne.
The three critically endangered species among the zoo's new guests are the Golden Handed Tamarin, Cotton-Top Tamarin and White- Eared Marmoset, all from Latin America.
Cello music that mimics tamarin calls seems to bring forth the same sorts of emotions in the monkeys that the original calls would have elicited, researchers report online September 1 in Biology Letters.
They include the manned sloth, the thin-spined porcupine, four species of lion tamarin monkey and woolly spider monkey.
They include rare animals like the manned sloth, the thin-spined porcupine, lion tamarin monkies and woolly spider monkies.
In the cooperative breeding system of cotton-top tamarin (TCB; Saguinus oedipus) <<expectant>> males gain weight during the last months of pregnancy of their partners as a way to cope with energy costs of reproduction.