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Meyrink's life was saved, and from that moment on he considered himself guided by "der Lotse mit der Tarnkappe vor dem Gesicht" (Das Haus zur letzten Latern 286).
They had brought out the Treasure from the cave where it usually lay; but how to part it was the difficulty; for, not to speak of gold, there were as many jewels alone "as twelve wagons in four days and nights, each going three journeys, could carry away"; nay, "however much you took from it, there was no diminution": besides, in real property, a Sword, Balmung, of great potency; a Divining-rod, "which gave power over every one"; and a Tarnkappe (or Cloak of Darkness).
For example, in Das Nibelungenlied, Siegfried undergoes a heroic initiation in an otherworld where he finds the two princes, Schilbung and Nibelung who give him Nibelung's sword, Balmung as a reward for his help to divide their treasure (Aventiure 3 93), following which he ends up surviving a violent conflict against the princes, twelve giants, seven hundred warriors, and the dwarf Alberich (Aventiure 3 93-96) and consequently gains access to their hoard and the Tarnkappe, the cloak of invisibility.