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When a person downing the fat capsule later tasted cream cheese but didn't smell it, his or her body converted three times as much of the oil in the capsule into triglycerides as when that volunteer only smelled the cheese.
Rudy's drinks passed this taste test with Flying Colors as two of his flavors were selected by the tasters to be best products tasted, and two of the flavors were rated higher than the 50% juices.
As for zero-fat mozzarellas, Sorrento Fat Free tasted like dry cream cheese, and Healthy Choice Fat Free and Kraft Healthy Favorites Fat Free had no taste at all, as far as we could tell.
The chips that weren't tasted like cardboard, and the pretzels that weren't would make good dog biscuits.
He has tasted more than 180 million gallons of ice cream during his career.
Those with denser taste pores tasted sugary and salty solutions much more intensely than did those with fewer taste pores.
I indulged only a few times (honest) during my pregnancies, when few other foods tasted good enough to cut through the nausea.