teachers colleges

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teachers colleges:

see teacher trainingteacher training,
professional preparation of teachers, usually through formal course work and practice teaching. Although the concept of teaching as a profession is fairly new, most teachers in industrialized nations today are college or university educated.
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Yes, we have distanced ourselves from our teachers college roots, but should we be proud of this fact?
A second lesson we can learn from the teachers college tradition has to deal with curriculum.
For a third lesson that we can learn from the teachers college tradition, I want to make the point that teacher educators must build relationships in two directions: (a) outward toward K-12 schools and (b) inward toward our faculty colleagues and university administrators.
As teacher educators in the teachers college tradition, we have no choice but to learn to negotiate these two often diametrically opposed cultures.
Teacher educators need to rethink the teachers college tradition in the same way that Sullivan and Rosin are rethinking the college tradition.
Drawing on the teachers college tradition, I have argued that we need to have a better understanding of our history, we need to repair the moral foundations of the teaching profession, and we will thrive only if we begin with concrete acts within our local communities.

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