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On March 3, of the 51 Senate seats on which elections were held, 33 were general seats (seven general seats from each province, four from Fata and one from Islamabad), nine technocrat seats (two from each province and one from Islamabad), eight women seats (two from each province) and two non-Muslim seats (one each from Punjab and Sindh).
On general seats total number of votes were 365, on technocrat
According to details, Mushahid Hussain Syed secured 223 votes on technocrat seat while PPPP
A total of 33 candidates will contest the Senate polls from Sindh, of which 18 will contest for General seats, six each for seats reserved for Technocrats and Women, and three for a seat reserved for minorities.
A total of 14 candidates from KP province are to contest Senate elections for general seats, five for technocrat vacancies and eight women candidates are taking part in the polls.
According to Okaz, these measures are in line with the formation of a technocrat government.
The head of Romania's central bank has said that a technocrat government should have a limited mandate.
As per Article 59(1-e) there are 4 Technocrat seats including ulema from each province and 1 from Islamabad.
Yet Paterno was also "atypical," as he was known as the Marcos technocrat who left the government in 1980.
The technocrat behind the Energy Department must not only know how the machinery works, but how it is managed so that future breakdowns are avoided and a seamless way of maintenance is prepared so that fixing the machine would not unduly inconvenience the users, which happen to be us.
From KP, seven senators on common seats, two from Ulema and technocrat seats, and two from women seats would be retired in 2015.
Most Italians breathed a collective sigh of relief that three-time Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is being replaced by a technocrat par excellence, former European Commissioner Mario Monti, a respected economist.