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, teepee
a cone-shaped tent of animal skins used by certain North American Indians


A relatively lightweight, transportable, conically shaped dwelling primarily of American Indians of the Great Plains; its base was generally egglike in plan, with the narrower end of the base at the entrance. The framework consisted of heavy wood poles, fixed in the ground at their lower ends and lashed together at the top. This framework was covered with decorated waterproof animal skins, sewn together with sinew and secured to the ground by pegs driven through loops at the base of the cover. Another type of tipi, used by tribes in the eastern regions of America, had a domed rather than a conical framework consisting of branches bent over, tied together, and covered by bark or animal skins sewn together with sinew to provide a waterproof covering. Also spelled tepee or teepee.
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Padley said the teepee has served as a place of gathering, personal guidance and reflection, and an opportunity for teaching and sharing of cultural awareness.
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Among the winners were Ynyshir Hall in Machynlleth and The Old Vicarage, near Presteigne, which won the prestigious Gold Star for hotel and guest accommodation respectively, Eco Retreats in Machynlleth, winners of the Real Alternative award for a venture which provides accommodation in teepees and Mongolian yurts, and Susan Fiander-Woodhouse, who was named Tourism Entrepreneur for her work at the Blaenafon Cheddar Company and Mountain Tours Ltd.
Liz and Tam saw David Letterman in NY; Tam and Liz loved Big Hoss's tales of frontier life at Grand Canyon West Ranch; Liz's teepee at the ranch in the Arizona desert
Instead of inverted teepees, the chloride channels resemble hourglasses.
THE POETRY, ESSAYS, and photography in Visit Teepee Town recall tourism's long-lasting effect on Native American communities.
today after school the teepee was covered with loose canvas and tonight it is a cone of light golden, in the groin of the hill
It will look similar to a teepee structure called Thor's Tipi which formed a focal point for Christmas shoppers in York last year, where it was voted the number one attraction over the festive period.
The Saamis Teepee stands sentinel over the Saamis archaeological site.
The brunette beauty explained that the kids have a separate kitchen right next to her kitchen, a teepee in the family room, some mini pianos in the living room next to the big piano and some random cars, strollers and shopping carts floating around.
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So one insulates with dry pine needles and keeps a tarp on top to shed snow and rain," Trexler said, standing beside the Gunnera hidden under a tarp set up as a teepee nearly as tall as he was.