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The next step in development of our telerobot system is to include in the AR interface not only the visual sense, but also the haptic, using haptic gloves and HMD to command and control the process.
The concept of "human supervisory control" (Sheridan, 1992) that underlies a telerobot is illustrated in figure 1.
The telerobot system developed by our research team is presented in figure 2.
Using this information a command is generated through the soft and transferred through Internet to the telerobot, in order to execute the task.
The project was successful in the development of the AR interface for the Mitshubishi Telerobot.
Most of the telerobots will take the form of a submarine.
haptic haptic (international scientific vocabulary, from Greek haptesthai, to touch, circa 1890) 1: relating to or based on the sense of touch 2: characterized by a predilection for the sense of touch, a haptic person haptics 1: the study or practice relating to haptic properties 2: human haptics: human touch perception and manipulation machine haptics; manipulation and sensing with robots and telerobots 3: computer haptics: touchable computer-generated objects 4 : haptic interface: human-machine interface using the haptic sensorimotor modality
on surgical telerobots, and with SensAble Technologies, Cambridge, Mass.
Television news and the movies have awed viewers with the feats of telerobots - docile machines that do the exact bidding of a remote operator, often performing tasks beyond the capability of human beings.
Telerobots have been used for many years to defuse bombs, handle hazardous wastes and radioactive materials, and explore the ocean and outer space.
The introduction of the Intuitive system places telerobots as a direct link between the surgeon's hands and the patient to enhance surgical technique during delicate procedures.
Most telerobots don't require people to work closely with the slave; in all other applications, the slave is located in a place where people would rather not be.