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temporary (electrical) service

Electrical service used for a limited time during construction, exhibits, or similar temporary purposes.
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These temporary aims are like the broom fixed in front of a locomotive to clear the snow from the rails in front: they clear men's moral responsibilities from their path.
Roughly 230 of the district 1,350 teachers are considered temporary, without a guaranteed job from one year to the next.
Lenders and investors may therefore need to negate, by written agreement, any duty on their part to monitor, post-closing, whether or not a temporary c/o is timely renewed and whether a permanent c/o is ever issued.
As the example illustrates, in certain circumstances the temporary regulations require depreciation over a longer recovery life or by using a less accelerated method than if the replacement property had been acquired as a separate new asset and depreciated accordingly.
That's because in Italy, as well as across the countries in the European Union, proposals to strengthen the rights of temporary agency workers will give temporary agency workers pay and employment rights comparable with those of permanent employees.
Taxpayers following Walker could thus deduct the costs of commuting to temporary work sites even if they didn't have a home office.
The fact is, the entire [temping] industry has changed," says Bruce Steinberg of the National Association of Temporary and Staffing Services in Alexandria, Va.
Not surprisingly, given the EPI's backing, New Policies implies that union involvement would "protect" contingent workers and prevent the wholesale conversion of permanent full-time jobs into temporary work by ensuring that workers' interests are represented in how employment relationships within a company are structured.
On October 18, 1993, the Internal Revenue Service issued Treasury Decision 8493,(1) promulgating temporary regulations under sections 1221, 1233, and 1234 of the Internal Revenue Code.
Specifically, it addresses temporary regulations on (1) Sec.
In a temporary position, it's much easier to network with the people in the company (for a permanent job) than from outside.

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