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Hypothesis 1: There will be a significant positive relationship among burnout, perceived fear of AIDS, category of staff (medical practitioners or nurses), and aggressive tendency toward PLWAs.
Furthermore, the mean is only then an appropriate representation of the central tendency when the data are normally distributed, ie, when the shape of the plotted values resembles the outline of a bell (Figure).
In sum, previous research suggests that an appraisal of self-agency and a tendency to repair discriminate the feeling of regret from various other negative feelings.
As understand from obtained data in Table 2, the empathique tendency scores of sportsmen differ greatly in terms of their gender variances [t(49) = 148; p>0.
Although the Cronbach's [alpha] for the behavioral tendency subscale showed a lower consistency, it may be adequate for a scale with fewer than 10 items (Buss & Perry, 1992).
the unemployment rate over the subsequent two years - to a central tendency of
Influence of ethnocentric tendency of consumers on their purchase intentions in North Cyprus.
Museum Director James Snyder was reported in The New York Times last week as having sought to avoid the tendency in Jerusalem, the historic capital of Israel for which the Jews have prayed for 2,000 years, to see the world purely through Jewish history and culture.
Boyarin questions Yoder's tendency to assimilate Judaism to his diasporic account of 'right' Christianity and wonders about the difference therefore between Yoder's account of Christian identity and the rather imperialist tendencies of the religious right.
Some receivers have a tendency to line up wider than normal due to the fact that they know that he has to come inside to run the slant .
Participants shift their focus from 1 to 0 on alternating runs to account for any tendency of the digit device to produce one number slightly more often than the other.
The tendency to be attracted to someone of the same sex could originate from all sorts of conflicting emotions and/or past experiences, and although compassion and forgiveness are needed by all who are affected by this tendency, homosexuality is still wrong.