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But there were still the Phanfasms and Whimsies and Growleywogs standing around in groups, and they were so many that they filled the gardens and trampled upon the flowers and grass because they did not know that the tender plants would be injured by their clumsy feet.
To train the tender plants, and watch their buds unfolding day by day!
Tenders are invited for Salem Dairy Packing Material And Consumables Tender Plant And Machinery
Chips piled up on a tender plant tend to stay in place throughout the winter, without help from a cage.
Tenders are invited for Civil/ Structural Tender Plant And Non Plant Buildin
It's a tender plant that is used widely as a bedding plant in tropical countries, but of course it is a house plant here.
You can also use horticultural fleeces as extra protection over particularly tender plants.
WITH temperatures plummeting, make sure your tender plants are wrapped up or indoors.
Larger tender plants such as bananas, olives, palms, bay trees, cordylines, echiums, gingers, and tree ferns can be wrapped up with horticultural fleece for winter.
The leaves of tree ferns and other tender plants such as cordylines should be tied upright, packed with straw and covered with horticultural fleece, with a layer of mulch over the root area.
Take cuttings from tender plants to over-winter indoors.