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Incidence of retropharyngeal calcific tendinitis (longus colli tendinitis) in the general population.
CTLC, also known as prevertebral calcific tendinitis and retropharyngeal calcific tendinitis, was first reported by Hartley in 1964.
The Portuguese Football Federation said in a statement reported by the Portuguese press that the 29-year-old has been suffering from tendinitis in the patella tendon.
Dr Ali Mobasheri of the University's School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, who co-led the research, said: "Our research is not suggesting that curry, turmeric or curcumin are cures for inflammatory conditions such as tendinitis and arthritis.
In this study we used thermo graphical methods to evidence the difference between two dentists, one with the tendinitis syndrome and the other with healthy hands.
Rafa has had knee tendinitis for a long time and he's won Grand Slams while he's had it.
The American admitted he has been playing with tendinitis for much of his career.
The current labeling includes information about the risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture, but new adverse event reports suggest that a stronger warning is needed.
Weaver's pitching mechanics are blamed for the tendinitis, but those mechanics are also what has led to the 24-year old's success throughout his pitching career.
In addition to Achilles tendinitis, the condition is also sometimes mistaken for superficial irritation or inflammatory arthritis.
A club spokesman said: 'After consultation with an orthopaedic professor in Sweden it has been decided Gavin Rae requires surgery to cure the troublesome tendinitis in his right knee.
The 21-year-old retired from her third-round match at the Ladies German Open in agony with left wrist tendinitis.