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Figure 2, below shows the semantic annotation process that makes it possible to assign links to existing semantic descriptions of any domain terminology in question.
It also features enhanced collaboration and workflow management tools that streamline workflow for IT, data warehouse and quality Improvement departments and ensure more consistent coding and terminology management across healthcare organizations with multiple locations.
Japan Terminology Association (JTA) (1988, Japonu terminologijos asociacija);
Created in 1965, the code set is owned, maintained and distributed by the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (based in Denmark).
The major developments of the web-based tools related to electronic lexicography triggered the evolution from paper-based glossaries to extensive terminology databases.
Develop local SNOMED CT terminology reference sets and extensions (and this includes modelling new content where required).
Recently, Smith and Smith (2007) described several examples in which the implementation of a standardized nursing terminology made a significant impact on patient outcomes.
It's the same plays, but it's different terminology to say the same thing," quarterback Patrick Cowan said.
Defense attorneys have already tried to tighten the somewhat loose definition of "occurrence" that is so essential to the outcome of the case, arguing in the suit's opening statements that the ambiguous terminology in the policy documents which define an occurrence have been customarily interpreted by the insurance industry to have an aggregate meaning.
First, changing terminology in order to change attitudes is usually effective only for a limited time.
This Web site offers visitors short definitions for technical terminology such as, for example, cable modem.
The importance of vocabulary knowledge, particularly of technical terms, in comprehending subject area text is discussed and strategies for support for library terminology in Web based catalogs are suggested.