Terry Cloth

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terry cloth

[′ter·ē ‚klȯth]
An extremely absorbent woven or knitted cotton fabric, covered with loops on one or both sides.

Terry Cloth


(also called Turkish toweling), a linen or cotton fabric with loop pile (made from the warp thread) on one or both sides. In contrast to the pile of napped fabrics, which is formed under tension, the pile of terry cloth results from the free feeding of a somewhat slack warp. The pile is less uniform and sturdy than that of napped fabrics and lies closer to the surface of the fabric. In addition, terry cloth is usually less dense than napped fabrics. Because of its softness and ability to absorb quickly large quantities of moisture, the fabric is used to make hand towels, bath towels, robes, throw rugs, and similar articles.

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Atthe resort's Tent City, roughing it means canvas-walled platform tents with oil paintings hanging above king-size feather beds surrounded by plush pile rugs; terrycloth robes as fluffy as Big Sky Country clouds; elk-antler bedside lamps; turndown service with caddis flies for fishing in lieu of chocolates; private bathrooms with steam showers and heated slate floors in an adjacent bathhouse; in-tent spa treatments and much-needed massages.
Additionally, there was a wonderful terrycloth robe, just as luxurious as the towels.
Pour into a large terrycloth towel and either fold it over or place another towel on top.
The two-step system comes in a complete kit with Retexturizing cream, Replenishing lotion, a soft-bristled, wooden texturizing brush and a terrycloth headband to keep hair out of the face when using the treatment.
They are praised loudly and allowed to play with a toy fashioned from a toy fashioned from a rolled-up, terrycloth towel.
Helena and Tim's lives centre around baby Billy who, she says, they have nicknamed the Terrycloth Terror in honour of the dressing gown he wears.
It consists of a retexturizing cream, a replenishing lotion, a soft-bristled wooden texturing brush, and a Terrycloth headband to keep hair away from the face.
Some other favorites are ruffled skirts and terrycloth smock dresses.
x] Use warm water and a soft terrycloth towel or washing mit.
The best way to clean dry-erase boards is to use a plain terrycloth towel.
In contrast, the life of a girl is "bikini halter tops, rainbow terrycloth tube tops .
He's tall with a handsome gray face, and dressed in a beige terrycloth robe with brown slippers.