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But lines enclosed in brackets are almost always genuine; all that brackets mean is that the bracketed passage puzzled some early editor, who nevertheless found it too well established in the text to venture on omitting it.
Nicomachean Ethics, 1819; mainly from text of Bekker, by D.
The text which spoke of the moving of mountains was just one of those that said one thing and meant another.
And now he had discovered in the text upon the page that these three were repeated many times in the same sequence.
He had a cent in his pocket for the Sunday School collection, and a five-cent piece for the church collection; he carried his Bible in one hand and his Sunday School quarterly in the other; he knew his lesson and his Golden Text and his catechism question perfectly.
encouragement and assistance the author of the prose text is greatly
I shall expect you to tell me the text when you come home.
The text of the poem is in a chaotic condition, and there are many interpolations, some of Byzantine date.
Here is the text of the dispatch, which figures now in the archives of the Gun Club:
In addition to the special questions here included, the treatment of the various authors in the text often suggests topics for further consideration; and of course the material of the preliminary chapter is assumed.
The Greek text that occurs in this place has been lost.
One of the books was a very large volume, an arithmetic text, heavily bound in leather.