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[traditionally Greek,=of Magdala], Christian saint, a woman widely venerated in Christendom. The name Madeleine is a French form of Magdalene. She appears in the New Testament as a woman whose evil spirits are cast out by Jesus, as a watcher at the Cross, as an
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WRITE ROAD Theresa at work and, below, Denise Mina The result is a crime novel set in the year 2000 which uses the dark past of the Magdalene Institution as its backdrop.
My own interest remains with the figure of the Magdalene--a female saint in whom Rogier expressed much interest and for whom he created innovative iconographic motifs including the first painted presentations of the Magdalene as reader and as weeper.
Referring explicity to the Magdalenes, Flynn concludes, "The
It also authorized the formation of restricted roles for Irish women modeled on the self-sacrificing figure of the Virgin Mother and opposed to the more communal, public, and vocal role of the Magdalene who traveled with Jesus among his first disciples.
She argues that Southwell's prose work, through the deep pathos with which it recounts Mary's encounter with the risen Christ in the garden, registers a profound sense of irreparable loss while simultaneously illuminating the Magdalene herself as a figure that commemorates, through the beauty of her gaze, the earthly presence of Christ.
Embracing a vegetarian diet, The Magdalene goes further, implementing an indispensable, rudimentary environmental consciousness, showing humans how to live lightly on the Earth.
Rivera's tribute to the Magdalene and an attempt to reclaim some of her history and power.
Located in the heart of the Languedoc, where the Albigensian Crusade pitted Roman Catholic Christians against Cathar Christians in the first haft of the 13th century, it is not surprising that Rennes-le-Chateau's very old chapel should be dedicated to the Magdalene.
In the N-Town, the male consolers praise Jesus's miracle as a gift of grace that the Magdalene, in her resistant and excessive mourning, never acknowledges.
The Magdalene Sisters follows the lives of four young Irish women: Rose (Dorothy Duffy) who, to her mother's mortification, has just given birth to an illegitimate child; Margaret (Anne-Marie Duff), who is a rape victim; devout and slow-witted Crispina (Eileen Walsh); and Bernadette (Nora-Jane Noone), who "provokes temptation" in local boys.
THE director and writer of acclaimed Irish film The Magdalene Sisters claims he is still owed tens of thousands of pounds.